What Happens in the Music Business

Because we all need to laugh at ourselves...
This is the music industry.
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  • FAQ

    • Do you work in the music industry?

    Yes. I couldn’t make this shit up if I wasn’t living it.

    • What if I have a great idea? How do submissions work?

    Like Nike says, “just do it.” If you’ve got an idea, submit it. If we like it, we’ll post it - it’s that simple. If you don’t have a gif, that’s fine, we don’t mind finding one for you. We also run a weekly contest where we post a gif and ask for captions. Winners are posted every week and may use their bragging rights all over the interweb.


    We always give credit to the submitter (link to Tumblr page, name or anon). When we write “submission idea,” it means that we found the gif, but the idea was someone else’s.

    Sometimes we get backed up, so if you don’t see your submission posted the next day, you’ll just have to keep coming back until we get around to posting it.

    We post almost every submission. We will not post a submission if it’s too similar to something we’ve already done in the past or if it’s too general, so make sure your idea specifically relates to the music business.

    We reserve the right to edit your submissions and gifs to make a post more clear and cohesive (especially if the gif has already been used).

    • Are you a boy or a girl?

    Can I say both or is that insensitive to those who are actually both?

    • Where do you work?

    I need an air of mystery. 

    • Can we meet in person?

    Do you work in the music industry and want to network? Message me and lets make one big Tumblr meetup event for all us Tumblr Music Industry folk.

    Do you want to work in the music industry and think I’m going to get you a job? Don’t make me meet you in person just to smack you.

    • How can I get into the music industry?

    1) Intern intern intern. Most places only take interns for credit, but it’s the best way to network and show what kind of employee you will be. And while it’s unpaid, you do get experience for your resume. Click HERE for an intern how to guide!

    2) Try and make connections - just take people out for coffee. Build a network of people who may eventually want to vouch for you. 

    3) Do you know anyone who works in the music industry? Even a friend who knows someone in the industry? Work those friendships. Nobody likes the kid who constantly pesters them for a job so follow direction number 2.

    4) Get into a similar field to build experience. This can include media companies (film, TV) or just the specific field you hope to be a part of (such as working for an advertising company if you want to eventually work in music advertising).

    5) If you can’t immediately go big, start small. Find local radio stations and build your way up to your eventual goal. Do your research - you may be able to find temp agencies that filter into the larger companies.

    • Is this all true?

    If you’re asking this, you clearly don’t work in the music industry.