What Happens in the Music Business

Because we all need to laugh at ourselves...
This is the music industry.
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  • Anonymous asked: I already have a successful music industry book and blog but I'm wondering should I move to New York? #obvsyesright?

    Firstly, congratulations on your success! You’re obviously already doing something well, so you’re likely already on the right path. (Of course, you are welcome to promote our Tumblr on your blog and/or book. Clearly, we shamelessly self promote.)

    In our opinion, it’s possible to be successful in the music biz just about anywhere geographically. (Pending on your chosen field within the biz.) Remember, there are radio stations and newspapers everywhere!

    But if you’re looking to work for or with a major label, management company, agent (etc), then yes, NY and LA are probably the best locations. Unless you’re interested in country music, in which case, you should live in Nashville. Seriously, we suggest only Nashville.

    Personally, we know people who are successful that moved to NY/LA with nothing more than a backpack. We know more successful people who secured a job before moving. Flying out for an interview is investing in yourself.

    Here’s an interesting article to read more about the geography of the Music Biz in the United States. 


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